Entry number 100 & Google Earth

Been some time since I posted anything on this site, and what's new, other than being one of the millions of people that managed to download google Earth these few days after its released. First impression? I got it running on a Dell D600 notebook (Pentium M 1.3MHz) and its fast enough. I used it to search addresses in the US (some cities come with 3D buildings that look like its a Phong shaded preview on most 3D rendering programs, but not available on most suburb maps).

Did a search of a location in Paris but the satellite pictures are not that detailed for anywhere outside of the US. I'm not sure if this is becuase its Google Earth and not one of the premium or pro versions which you have to pay annual fee.

A quick search of a location in Shanghai gave the same detail as Paris. Blurry map that's not detailed enough to look for an address, but ok for "flying around" as what the Google Earth site advertised.

Address search works very well in the US, but unfortunately not so well in Western Europe (I'm assuming it should be better for the UK rather than the rest of Europe) and the rest of the world.

As of the time of writing, Google Earth downloads have been halted. Its a fun freeware to fool around in, and for some it might be a useful tool... no wonder its clogging Google's server bandwidth...