Welcome pinky... to the family!

My 3 year old 2G iPod is no longer the only one in the family... the new iPod is a pink mini, bought over the internet in Singapore's online store (just so that we can engrave something behind it). The downside of now being able to exchange for another colour far pales in comparison to the coolness of having a personalized iPod. Just in case you're wondering, no, its not for me, its for the wife, and she's the one that chose the colour. If I do get a new one, it will be a normal iPod or an iPod Photo. Planning to use it to store digital images on the move. In the mean time, the old iPod still runs up to 4 hours per charge and I have a feeling I might hack the cover and replace the battery with a "compatible" version once the battery life falls below 2hrs/charge. The first and generation iPods with sharp and perspex looking casing still looks better than the new ones with rounded edges, IMHO.