Benro Gitzo?

Went scouting the photo shops in Shanghai and ended up buying a Benro MP66 monopod instead for 240RMB. Its a midsized monopod that goes up to 1.5-1.6m at least with 4 leg sections. Its made of Aluminium. There's a Carbon Fibre version that's almost double the price. The strange thing is that when I compared the weight, they weigh almost the same, with the carbon a little lighter, but not significantly. When extended, it seems that the aluminium version is much sturdier, so that's why I bought it. And the price is quite reasonable. What does it look like? Easy... the design is a copy of Gitzo's, but of course it looks like the quality is not even nearly as good, and the logo looks like Manfrotto. The only complain I have up to now is that the base where you screw onto the camera body seems to scratch the body itself. That's what I did to my FM2 this afternoon.