Axia A108 Windows CE Mobile Phone

Got this phone from Zircon some weeks back. I think its a Singaporean or Malaysian company and they design their own phone inhouse. Its not that bad a phone. Comes with a 1.3Mpix camera (which is not that great but good enough if you need to snap that picture of a price tag, etc) loaded with Windows CE.NET (not such a big fan of Windows CE). Most of the software either comes from Microsoft itself or is designed by the same company that made the phone. The user experience is so-so, some of the software just don't act the same. Some software behave better if you dont want to take out the stylus and prefer to use the directional keypads, etc. But its bearable. But what's not bearable is that the guys that came out with the phone has set up a forum with the idea to support users, etc but most of the posting there are either non answered after weeks or months or just plainly ignored.

For me I'm not using the phone anymore today. The last few days I noticed that the screen began to look a little more interlaced than usual and one day it just turned all white. If you leave it for a few days it becomes normal again. With this kind of behaviour I just can't bring it back for warranty repair if I can't reproduce it all the time. I'm not going to go back to the repair centre every week. Anyways, I still have about 10 more months before the warranty runs out.