Film Reloaded...

Before my next assignment out of Malaysia, I'm now in Singapore making a last minute top up of photographic accessories. I've almost ran out of Kodak TriX films after the trip to Vietnam where I used up 6 rolls in 7 days. Loaded my film store with an additional 10 rolls of 135 Kodak TriX, 5 rolls of Ilford HP5+ and another 5 rolls of Ilford LP4+ film. HP5+ is supposed to be the same as TriX but cheaper. And goes well pushed to EI1600, we'll find that out soon enough. Was thinking of loading a few rolls of Ilford PanF but the ISO 50 just bugs me out. I'm not likely to do any photoshoot of the bright sunlighted outdoors, and will most probably do indoor shots with fast lens, so EI50 is just too slow. LP4+ at ISO125 might be a better option. On top of the 20 odd rolls of Provia I have left in my freezer, I decided to get 2 rolls of Kodak E100VS to test out the famed increased in saturation in red and yellow colours.

With all these stuff with me, we'll see if the next photoshoot in Shanghai is any better than my last trip there.