Short photography stories

There's nothing better than a good book to read just before going to sleep, and the problem with most novels are that the chapters usually take me about half an hour to finish, and I dont like to leave it in the middle of the story. There's a book I bought recently over at Borders in Singapore and although it looks like a typical photography book, its less that and more of adventure book. Sure there are some details on the technical bits, but I read it more like a storybook. It also helps that every chapter is just about 2-3 pages (so there are a lot of chapters!). Its a book by the late Galen Rowell, and here's the link if you want to check it out in Inner Game of Outdoor Photography

I'm very close to the end already and I'm already on the lookout for something similar. That's if my new issue of Wired and Outside magazines are not out yet, becuase they usually take 1-2 weeks to finish.